Sunday, June 19, 2011

Book Review -- "Drood" by Dan Simmons

This book, to me, was quite good. HOWEVER, it probably won't be to anyone who doesn't like and isn't familiar with the history and literature of Charles Dickens. It's also a long book, so not a quick read.

I love historical fiction, so that gave this book a leg up for me. I also like what I've read of Dickens so far. I have a passing knowledge of Wilkie Collins, who is the narrator of the book.

The book begins with the crash of a train in which Dickens is one of the lucky survivors. While helping the casualties, Dickens meets a mysterious and sinister being named Drood. This chance (or perhaps, not so chance) encounter flavors the remainder of Dickens and Collins lives.

Taking the reader to the slums and literal underworld of England, the mysticism of mesmerism, and the some gruesome experiments at the quicklime pit of an overfilled cemetery, "Drood" is an interesting read. I did skim a few pages, but overall, it was well worth reading. It's just definitely not going to be for everybody.

read Nov 23, 2010

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