Monday, May 23, 2011

Book Review by Author Lyn Foley -- "Go Anyway"

Today we're going to hear from bead-maker extraordinaire Lyn Foley.  You may already know Lyn from her gorgeous beads and jewelry made for the Bead Soup Blog Party.  Her handmade lampwork beads are nothing short of divine, and her husband even created the silver clasp for Cindy Wimmer's Bead Soup necklace.

photo by Cindy Wimmer

What you probably DON'T know is that Lyn recently published an amazing book called "Go Anyway".  I'll let Lyn take over from here --- have a tissue ready.

Hello Lori. Thank you for letting me share with your readers about my life and the book I have written.

Since I participate in the Bead Soup Parties, many of you know that I learned lampworking in 2003, and along with my husband, a silversmith, create glass bead jewelry which we sell online, at galleries, and at art festivals throughout Texas and New Mexico. My husband and I have lived in Texas for the last nine years. But back in the 1980’s we lived in California where we owned and operated three retail stores. One of them was a fine jewelry store, where we manufactured and designed custom gold and silver jewelry. 

In 1990 we sold our house, our cars, our three thriving businesses, most of our possessions and moved aboard a 40 foot sailboat. In 1991 we set off to sail around the world.  Jim, 43 at the time, had recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, a brain disorder with no known cure. A renowned neurologist told us Jim might only live another five years, and said “Don’t go, don’t do this foolish thing!” 

We went anyway.  

My recently published book, Go Anyway: Sailing Around the World Despite Parkinson’s Disease, tracks our remarkable 10 year circumnavigation. The true story begins with how we met as San Francisco street artists and wanders the paths that led to our voyage. As Go Anyway continues, you’ll follow the wake of our sailboat Sanctuary as we gain our sea legs, cross oceans, and survive Force Ten storms. We logged over 35,000 miles and sailed to 39 countries, met memorable people and faced remarkable challenges. I believe the story of our journey and our daily battle with Parkinson’s disease and its relentless attack on Jim’s mind and body is compelling.

Kurt Wilson, editor of The Round Top Register, says this about Go Anyway: “Few of us, even in perfect health, would dare accept the challenge Lyn and Jim Foley embraced. That they did so, while simultaneously battling Jim’s Parkinson’s disease, makes Lyn’s entertaining, well-written account doubly astounding. Go Anyway is inspirational.”

Jim, after 21 years, continues to accommodate but not surrender to Parkinson’s. I think you will find our story and the journey fascinating. Go Anyway is out in paperback, 365 pages, with 52 photographs and a map of our circumnavigation.

The price is $18.95 plus tax and shipping. Visit for more information, photographs of our journey, and to buy it now.

By Lyn Foley


  1. Go anyway!! And I'm glad you did go anyway...if there is nothing to seriously "stop" us from doing something we have dreamed of doing...then we must. I value your experience and your strength!!

  2. And as a breast cancer survivor who is still ticking 6 years on, I love this sentence "Jim, after 21 years, continues to accommodate but not surrender to Parkinson’s." -- how beautifully spoken!!!!


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