Thursday, April 19, 2012

Two Book Reviews : Laura Lippman and Nicholas Sparks

 Four out of Five Stars

This is billed as a mystery but to me, it was more of a novel with a twist at the end of the book. I kept getting confused between what was a flash back and what was current time, but I'm going to blame myself being too tired when I read for that.

The story reminded me the tiniest bit of "It", in that it's about a group of adolescents who play in the woods, and a tragedy causes a total loss of innocence. Fast forward to the kids, all grown up, and the secrets they've kept for years come to a head when one of their group suddenly dies.

The last line of the book will stick with me for a while.

A good read, but do better than I did at keeping up with who is who and when is when.

Five out of Five Stars

Oh I should know better than to read Nicholas Sparks.  He'll drive you to tears every single time.

My only complaint about this star-crossed lovers tale is Dawson was way too complacent.  FIGHT buddy!  Get the girl!  Make yourself happy for once!

Read with tissues.

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  1. Oh how that Zack story made me smile and even get tears in my eyes. I remember last year and how he didn't want to do any of that. What an accomplishment for that little fella! You must be so proud of him and for him. We move Monday and will soon be a part of our grandgirls lives like never before. I can hardly wait!!

  2. Tears are obligatory when reading Nicholas Sparks' books. This book is so good, that I'm afraid to re-read it again because it won't feel the same when I read it for the first time. Thanks for the review, even though it was short, it made me take the book from my shelf and start reading it again for the second time.


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