Sunday, March 4, 2012

Book Review -- "Divergent" by Veronica Roth

I devoured this book. If you liked "The Hunger Games", you'll probably like this one, too.

Set in the dystopia of Chicago, people are separated into "factions", each representing a particular virtue. At the age of sixteen, each person chooses a faction to belong to forever. However, for some people, they're suited for more than one faction, and are known as "Divergent" -- and that's not a good thing. Being Divergent poses a threat to the faction -- being of two minds, two minds that are open to just the values of their home -- so they're all silent about their designation.

The book centers around the initiation into the faction, which is a brutal process not all survives. The main character, Tris, and trainer, Four, are really interesting to follow, and I was thrilled to learn this is a series (I just picked up the book on a whim).

Highly recommended.


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  1. I kinda liked The Hunger Games, well, enough to finish reading all 3 books. I'll check this one out - thanks for the review. Funny - your description of how some pp are suitable for more than 1 faction reminded me of the sorting hat, and how Harry was considered for both Slytherin and Griffindor.

  2. Loved this book! I just finished reading Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver which is a sequel to Delirium, both dytopian novels. The sequel to this book is coming out this May-I'm looking forward to it, I already have it pre-ordered.


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