Saturday, May 28, 2011

"The Tattooed Map" by Barbara Hodgson

"The Tattooed Map" reminds me a lot of the "Griffin and Sabine" books, what with its beautiful drawings, maps, photographs, and icons all over the thick, glossy white pages. The story even has a twist that sucks you in and captivates your imagination.

The book relates the story of Christopher and Lydia, once lovers but now comfortable and compatible traveling companions. Both are well-versed at obscure travel, travel that doesn't include a Hyatt or Hilton at the end of the trail, and this book takes us through Northern Africa to Morocco.

The book is Lydia's journal, chronicling her travels, her deteriorating relationship with Chris, and a strange tattoo that appears and grows upon her hand -- invisible only to her and a mysterious man she meets in a cafe.

I won't tell you any more, because the ending was, to me, the best part. For some, it may not end with enough finality, but I think it ends on the perfect note for those of us who are travelers not just on real soil, but in spirit and heart.

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  1. Another one to add to my list!!!!

  2. Have this now and will be reading it soon! It looks intriguing just from the cover!


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